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NJN Bassoon Products
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NJN Bassoon Products

The place to find the highest quality bassoon
reedmaking equipment and tools.


NJN Bassoon Products is owned and operated by Kath Robinson, with Norbert Nielubowski, contrabassoonist of the Minnesota Orchestra, serving as consultant. Our goal is to make available to you some of the finest equipment for the bassoonist, including Georg Rieger reedmaking tools and machines.

Georg Rieger Ltd. of Gaggenau, Germany has been producing beautifully crafted bassoon reedmaking tools and machines for over 40 years. All Rieger's products are precision-made and consistently accurate. They are simple to adjust, easy to use, and will provide you with quality, reliable equipment that will last a lifetime.


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Due to business reasons, NJN Bassoon Products has made the decision to stop carrying Leitzinger bocals.

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